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I am a Media Communication graduate, and this particular education background launched me into even deeper understanding, knowledge and experience of professional writing. The Narrative Journalism class definitely tagged my technique, structure and overview as well, and the New Media course scored a touchdown on my professional zone too. It helped extend my bank of digital skills and added unique value to my online culture and counterculture attainments.

Ever since my MA graduation in 2013, I have been expanding my professional writing progress by choosing collaborations with online platforms that would benefit from my experience, technique and talent, while pursuing my professional aspirations, in addition to delivering valuable resources, useful information, practical guidance and worthwhile reading.

I have been given the opportunity to invest my skills, knowledge and desire for professional growth into a variety of domains, from running apparel and treadmill reviews to online courses for procurement professionals. The variety of topics I have tackled along my professional path is immense. The main reason why I deliberately chose to branch out my skill is that I personally found it infinitely more long-term productive, more consistent, more inspiring and more rewarding to accept job offers quite different from each other. Why? Because each has taught me lessons, professional and personal, so valuable and so unique that a monomorphic type of path would have been less conducive to the writer I am today.

Running apparel and treadmill reviews

  • learn how to research the value of a product by testing it yourself
  • learn how to conduce comparisons between similar products so that the pros and cons of each product are highlighted with equal clarity. The ultimate choice is left to the client and now he has a chance to choose objectively
  • don’t fall into the common trap of inventing reviews, articles, suggestions with regards to products, situations, purchases that you’re not yet informed enough and experienced enough to write about. Readers can see through your bluff, and those who can’t, well, those aren’t really the readers you’re writing to

Online course script-writing for procurement professionals

  • learn how to immerse with openness, curiosity and focus into the depths of an industry that you’re interacting with for the first time
  • learn how to place yourself into the shoes of the student. That’s the character who’s truly running the show
  • learn how to create coherent, well-rounded, creative scripts for procurement professionals! A massive challenge that to this day I am so grateful for
  • learn how to let your creative pulse radiate throughout your writing endeavor, but don’t frustrate yourself when edit requests start coming in. You cannot know everything, and no one asks you to. Team work is where the real gem is hidden
  • never forget that procurement knowledge will benefit you too: when targeting the short and long-term value of incoming projects, when negotiating with future clients, when trying to understand the intricate oftentimes insidious fluctuations of monetary flow, and so many other benefits not yet discovered

Academic publications

  • learn that structure of content and systematization of information are crucial to premium writing. Surprisingly, it’s creative writing that most benefits from this consideration
  • learn that once the writing is done and published, there’s a blank spot in spacetime continuum when feedback starts coming in. Then queries, then curiosities, then dialogue that can be groundbreaking. GROUNDBREAKING! That’s when magic starts flowing in, and new requests, and bigger budgets, and further discovery
  • learn that academicians are avid for new ways of thinking. Surprise them, surprise yourself!

What else I bring to the table

  • commitment to finish what I start, even if your project becomes a waste of time. I believe there’s power in dark corners. Together we’ll uncover hidden potential
  • count on me being on time, with everything and anything. I usually go out after work, and I couldn’t let my girlfriends wait around for me, thinking they are not a priority on my list…could I? Do note my priority-setting techniques are flawless
  • assurance that you need not worry about my work-life balance. You’re paying me well enough to overcome any challenges

Links to some of my published work, here.

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